Next Generation Sequencing Barcode Compatibility Tool

Option 1: Give me a barcode set, I have nothing

Choose this option if you want to generate compatible barcodes. No input data needed, just select barcode set and amount.

Option 2: Give me a barcode set, compatible with set I will upload

This option for case when you already have generated barcodes and you want generate more.

Sample barcode sheet:
seta.csv template

Option 3: Check compatibilty of sets of barcodes with each other (uploading one or more)

This option for case when you have two generated sheets with barcodes and you want to check them.

First samplesheet:
seta.csv template

Second samplesheet:
setb.csv template

Or validate single samplesheet:
setc.csv template

Option 4: Let me manually select barcodes, I don't trust your tool

This option to select barcodes manually and check their compatibility

Option 5: Show me your barcode sets, something seems fishy

List all available barcodes from chosen barcode set.
This option for troubleshooting purposes.

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